How to reduce approach anxiety


I’m pretty sure you’ve suffered from approach anxiety (almost all men have), for some people the levels of anxiety generated by approaching a girl can be extremely high, to the point where the guy just prefer to stay home, watch tv, use the internet, and do a lot of self-relief…

How to Talk to Girls


Dear friend, I want to tell you a story, my first success story… I’m sure you’ll learn at least a couple of good things about how to talk to girls from this one:
It was a hot night of summer in LA about 3 years ago, two of my best friends invited me to a party, where there…

How to touch a woman


Hello my friend! Today let’s speak about a very important subject, how to touch a woman, I remember the days when I felt like touching an unknown woman was wicked, and I was afraid that she would slap my face if I tried to touch her, so I never touched girls when I was talking to…

How to talk to girls at parties


Ok my friend, today is a good day, I’m going to share my secret tip that will help you tol understand how to talk to girls at parties.
If you master this one, you’ll never go home alone again unless that’s what you want.
I won’t explain the why here, because that may be…

Improve your Attractiveness


Hey everybody, today I’m going to share with you a pretty simple tip that will get you there, I mean talking with girls like a pro in no time, more than a tip I would call it a mindset, and if you are a shy guy or something it doesn’t matter, this will help you to improve your…